ut a C●onservative like myself sees with horror t●hat all the foundations of t●he Conservative order of things are undermine▓d, and that we are approaching▓ exactly the same convulsions that France experi●enced after the spontan

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is ▓only one[Pg 242] salvation—a czar wh▓o is so educated for his task● of ruling that he is not th●e plaything of a circle of courtiers, lik▓e our present good Emperor. I have he●ard a saying of Pobydonostzev, 'Autocracy ●i

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o▓t do.We must have knowledge of the subject ▓and strength of will. T●hen the future must look very black to ●your excellency, if you await salvatio●n from a new and better-trained czar.▓At present there is no

t even a prospect of▓ a successor to the throne. It looks● black enough.I have no hope at all.F●or what is hope to others is ●to me new ground for sorrow.We sh●all be defeated in Asia.We shall have a financ▓ia